Latino Warrior Exhibit

The Latino Warrior Exhibit will consist of 40 unique panels with historical images and facts on physical display.  Below we are featuring preview samples of 3 of the 40 panels.  By clicking on the link you will be brought to the "Did You Know" page which lists these stories and more.




The physical panels of the exhibit will be 2' x 5' free standing and beautifully printed on acrylic.  The exhibit will be available to travel to major universities, organizations, and to a variety of different venues across the United States.  In lieu of the global pandemic we estimate the physical exhibit will be on tour by the end of 2021.  Please see the Events page for more information. 

Z Screen Shot Loreta Velazquez Panel 202
Z Screen Shot William Rico Panel 2021-01
Z Screen Shot Ted Williams Panel 2021-01

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